How It Works

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How It Works

How does the Agrogator Data Collector App work?

The Agrogator app connects to DualEM and Geonics sensors via USB RS232 Serial Ports on Android tablets.

It shows sensor readings live on the screen, and combines that with GPS location either from the tablet's internal location or from an external GNSS Receiver.


What tablets are suitable for this application?

We exclusively test and use it on Samsung Active Tab 3 devices, but are compatible with all Android 13 devices, it just may look or scale differently on other devices. We are soon to be releasing an Android 14 compatible version.

While an OTG device can be connected to the USB port of the tablet, we recommend using a cradle such as those by Strike or RAM.


What USB Serial ports can I use?

Currently you can use Prolific PL2303 or FTDI RS232 to USB adapters via an OTG adapter that provides a USB port for connection.


What if I need high accuracy locations?

The app utilises the tablet location known as "Android Location Services" so to use an external GNSS source, you need to enable "Mock Location" via either a GPS manufacturer's app such as Trimble Mobile Manager or a generic NMEA to Mock Locations app such as GPS Connector which takes NMEA messages from GPS receivers over USB or Bluetooth serial ports.

If connecting external NMEA device such as a GPS without Bluetooth, you will need to use two USB ports which can be done via any USB hub, or a splitter. We recommend using two from different manufacturers (i.e. Prolific and FTDI) so that they are easily identified.


What about Sensor Cabling?

Most sensors come with power and data cables. Extending these can be done effectively up to about 7 metres

  • If an extension cable is required to extend the serial cable of the sensor, this one has been tested. Generally serial data can be transmitted up to a maximum of 6-7metres. Longer distances may work with quality cabling and/or a USB extender.

  • We do make custom cables, but recommend using readily available commercial cables where possible.


What about cost?

The Agrogator app is $12 per month, subscribed through Google Play Store.
You just need to ensure you sign up to the app with the same email that you are signed in to the Play Store with when you subscribe.

We also have options for project work for subscriptions up to five years, with options such as remote support and custom development for export data or features. Contact us to discuss.


What other Accessories might I need?

You can find some links to useful accessories here.

The Agrogator product seen on the store includes the following and is suitable for those who want a more robust turn-key solution.

    • Active Tab Pro Tablet

    • Strike cradle 

    • Hub with serial ports and GNSS receiver

    • Data, GPS and power cabling

    • GNSS antenna for mounting near the sensor

    • Cigarette plug power

We also have remote data collection options currently in use on robots across Australia with telematics and remote access. Contact us for more information if unattended use is desired.


What other Apps do you recommend?

  • GPS Connector App -

    • connects almost any USB Serial or Bluetotoh NMEA device

  • Trimble Mobile Manager

    • Used to connect and manage Trimble receivers such as R1 or Catalyst.

    • Helps manage corrections and subscriptions on the device.

    • Not needed for devices outputting serial NMEA natively

  • Serial USB Terminal

    • Great for viewing and checking data streams on a sensor, and sometimes required to change settings on some sensors

  • Serial Bluetooth Terminal

    • May be useful to check data coming from a bluetooth GPS, or to send configuration messages to some GPS receivers.

  • Teamviewer

    • Recommended for remote support to dial in to and control your tablet.


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