Use your Android Tablet

The Agrogator App aggregates field and job information, GPS position and sensor readings from Geonics EM38 and DualEM sensors making the process of connecting to sensors, recording the data and sharing the files easy and intuitive.

Simple Connection

No more laptops, complicated data loggers or bluetooth pairing needed, just plug in a serial adapter.

No USB Drives

Once recorded, the data is organised by farm and field... just hit the share button to email or save to cloud storage.

Soil Samples

Easily take soil samples while you survey. Simply enter or scan the sample number and hit save.

Quality Data

See the data points populate on the map as you drive, and watch the readings so you can be confident the job is done once and done right.

Why Map EM?

EM data from Geonics EM38 and DualEM sensors are used to generate soil maps that provides information about soil variability within a field. The data is used to create zones based on salinity and soil texture. Combine this with several soil samples per region, and you have all the data you need for soil quality, nutrients, carbon or even moisture maps!

How does it work?

Until now, using these sensors required a computer, dedicated datalogger or expensive mapping systems. Now, use your Android Tablet and simply connect common USB to serial adapters to your tablet's USB port!

We use, recommend and test on Samsung Active Tabs with a cradle, and while we don't test on every model of tablet, if it's got Android 9 - 12 and 4GB RAM you should be fine!
Currently Supported:
Geonics EM38
• What other sensors would you like to see supported in future?

Serial-to-USB Adapters Supported:
• FTDI & Prolific
Note: You may need an OTG or OTG+Power or a hub or cradle depending on the tablet or cradle.
• Barcode scanners supported by Android can be used for soil sample labels.
• External GPS can be connected using Mock Location apps like GPS Connector or Trimble Mobile Manager for more accurate positions.
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