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Autonomous Soil Mapping!

We are very excited to be a part of this autonomous soil mapping solution: This is the first time autonomous soil mapping has been commercially available as a solution, and possibly the first time it has been done at all! The Agrogator App is being used aboard a SwarmFarm autonomous vehicle to map soil quality and moisture profiles at the Central Queensland Smart Cropping...

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Expert panel discusses connectivity challenges for rural Australia

AgTeCH 19 invited Jason McNeice, Bigsky Technologies, along with Sarah Nolet, AgThentic; Greg Kauter, Cowal Agriculture; Andrew Roberts, Field Solutions; and Gavin Williams, NBN Australia. to participate in a panel on connectivity challenges and solutions at their inaugural ag technology confernece.The panel discussed how connectivity challenges are being solved in rural areas, NBN's rollout, satellite solutions and new cellular solutions such...

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Bigsky Technologies: Technology for Big Horizons

There's a certain feeling when you drive out past the city limits and hobby farms to where the panorama opens up to a wide horizon. It is a familiar scene for us as we visit farms and rural businesses all over the country and the feeling is palpable. To us, it represents the possibilities of the day and what we...

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Collaboration is key to success in Ag Technology

"The main objective is demonstrating that parallel technologies & development timelines can work together to provide a seamless integration of products/services as a commercially viable consumers product offering, and; the development of inter-operability guidelines to promote wider adoption to assist with solving fragmented industry approach and/or sole vendor lock in."

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