Pandemic stops field days so local businesses collaborate to go digita

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Pandemic stops field days so local businesses collaborate to go digital!

AgTech companies collaborate to focus on farmers

An innovation showcase has highlighted how a collaborative approach to adopting AgTech products in the market can be the best solution for the local farming sector.

The event held at the TAFE Queensland Rural Centre of Excellence brought together six businesses to increase the community’s knowledge of Agtech.

  • Bigsky Technologies - Open Communication Network & Data Transfer
  • Data Farming - Soil Sensing & Imagery
  • Goanna Ag - Crop and Weather Sensors
  • Pairtree  - Customer Dashboard
  • Yabby - Water Level Sensor & Modelling
  • RDH Integration  - Automation & Cameras

More than 70 people attended the conference, with around 50 being primary producers.

Toby Harpham, Big Sky Technologies Co-Founder said the aim of the day was to get multiple businesses working together, making it easier for farmers to consume data. Something the Agtech industry is probably missing is everyone working together for the greater good for a farmer.

“If you’re not controlling your data or you don’t understand your data then I don’t think you’re going to be moving forward with the technology advancements,” said Mr Harpham.

The industry is going through big changes with advancements in sensors, drones and satellites allowing businesses to function with greater efficiency.

Tim Neale, Data Farming Managing Director, acknowledged how technology is changing farming.
“It’s being broadly adopted and embraced by the farming community. Farmers are really interested in moving forward, they know that data is a critical part of their business now, whereas before it was probably take it or leave it,” said Mr Neale.


Bruce McConnel, TSBE Food Leaders Australia (FLA) General Manager said businesses need to create a whole of solution approach for farmers to adopt.

“We’ve facilitated bringing together six businesses to solve one problem which is water efficiency on a cotton grower’s farm.”

“In this region, water efficiency is going to be our number one factor for growth and the more we do with our most limited resource will be how we get the most growth for our agriculture industry,” said Mr McConnel.

Michele Berkhout, the south west region of TAFE Queensland Director of Corporate Solutions said it was great to see so much industry collaboration at the agricultural hub.

“The TAFE Queensland Rural Centre of Excellence delivers high-quality training to the state's future rural industry workforce, but is also being used by industry leaders which is fantastic,” said Ms Berkhout.

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 The project was sponsored by Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, GRDC, and TSBE, the digital field day was kindly hosted by TAFE's Centre for Rural Excellence Toowoomba.

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